Sunday, 22 June 2008


Foxs do the cruelest things to chickens. So get a wire pen around the the chicken house. Put a padlock on the wire door and when you let your chickens out of the padlocked pen keep a watch on your chickens or else.........


The best thing about chickens is the lovely fresh eggs with tastey soilders to dip in the egg. This is making me hungry talking about it just imagine.

About us

Hello well today your a bit about our chickens but before that your going to know a bit about us. My name is Christopher May. My mum Karen wrote websites like and

About Chickens

First Steps

Chickens demand attention, but they repay thier owners with a range of benefits. They will cheer you up, and once you have got your first few birds you will wonder why you did'nt start to keep them sooner


WELCOME to my blog I hope you can get some information on our brilliant chickens. And a bit about us.