Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New Chickens!

A few weeks ago you may have heard that two of my chickens Peggy and Petrol died. Today Mum went to a Chicken breeder where she brought some chickens! to replace Peggy and Petrol. Here's a few photos of them!
and heres one more if you want to see more photos and more information about the new chickens go to www.amiryck.blogspot.com


Lucy @ Coire Alpacas, Scotland said...

They are lovely! How old are they and when will they lay their first eggs?

Chris said...

Their about 12 weeks old and I'm not sure when they will start to lay eggs

Trevor said...

Your new chickens look very friendly. Are they all yours, or Isla's and Mum's too?

I assume your Dad has not staked a claim to any of them!


Chris said...

Sorry Everyone but I've decided to stop the blog. Here is the URL for my new Amiryck Chickens blog: amiryckchickens-chris.blogspot.com